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50-Minute Skin Activ Facial with any Facial Kur Enhancement
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This September, Aqua Star BABOR Beauty Spa invites you to “Fall” back in love with yourself with a rejuvenating facial treatment that will leave you looking and feeling years younger. The Skin Activ facial is designed to give you a radiant complexion, refined pores and perfectly balanced skin. This targeted treatment will remove excess oil without drying the skin and will result in an even, calm and clear complexion. For an added boost, choose one of the five facial enhancements such as the Sensational Eye Kur which brightens your eyes, the Fluid FP Kur which gives your skin an extra shot of stimulation, the Biomatrix Mask Kur that ramps up collagen production, the Thermo Sculpting Kur which leaves the face rested, bright and youthful-looking, or the AHA Peels offering fast and effective exfoliation.
  • Special: 50-minute Skin Activ Facial with any Facial Kur Enhancement - $100 (a $150 value)
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    50-Minute Tension Reliever Massage
    CALL FOR INQUIRIES (310) 887-6048
    The September, “Fall” back in love with yourself and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating Tension Reliever Massage at Aqua Star BABOR Beauty Spa. Dedicated focus on areas of the body where we carry most of our stress – the back, neck, forearms and feet – will melt away tension leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world again. The session is concluded with an energizing scalp massage.
    Not Valid With Any Other Offer
  • Special: 50-minute Tension Reliever Massage - $105 (a $155 value)
  • SUITE 100
    Celebrate 100 years of Beverly Hills by staying at The Beverly Hilton’s Stylish, Sophisticated Sixties Suite 100. Guests will be transported back to the 1960s and immersed in the excitement and elegance of the decade.
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    “Sea” and be Seen Package
    The “Sea” and be Seen Package from The Beverly Hilton highlights the best of what Los Angeles has to offer – golden sand coastline and celebrity spotting.
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